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“Thank you everyone that attended the Rachell Allen 35- Day Boot Camp with me and especially the coaches. Rachell Allen was my last shot at passing my exam. I put all my trust in Rachell Allen and they came through. Helping me manage my Anxiety as well as giving me an extremely thorough content review.


Rachell Allen was not like any review I have had before and I have truly left with more than just a pass on my NCLEX. My experience at Rachell Allen has given me a new outlook on life and career and what it means to be a nurse. Thank to my coaches, you guys have changed my life. To my friends in Class, you can do it!! Congratulations Nurses and thank you! I AM AN RN!!!”

Joseph Griffin, RN


"Before ever coming to Rachell Allen, I was at a lost and questioned myself to see if nursing was really and truly for me I God I truly thank him for blessing me with a strong willed and wonderfully into their profession. My mom who was my anchor through it all never lost hope in the vision of me becoming a nurse and after God I truly thank him for blessing me with a strong willed and motivated mother who saw greater in me and believed that I could do it.


From going to my first Rachell Allen program which was the 10 day course in June 2017 I was so depressed and lost because I was in a turmoil of a relationship and that really took up majority of my time and my heart really wasn’t there and I took the nclex exam July 2017 and failed after 265 questions. Comes along the next time around was turmoil of a relationship and that really took up majority of my time camp I had just broken up with my boyfriend whom I thought no matter something else in store for me and here I am at the boot camp . I something else in store for me and here I am at the boot camp . Information from the games we played in class to the outdoor activities I felt I was in an atmosphere of individuals who truly loved me and appreciated who I really was despite whatever I was going failed and this was my breaking point I hit all types of rock bottom and I didn’t know what to think I cried and cried and even gave up but my mom and my Rachell Allen Coaches voices saying get back up and strategy and I focused on work and celebrated my 25 birthday and I promised myself that I owe it to me to live my best life and that was exactly what I did I attended the next 10 day Rachell Allen course in New Jersey April 2018 and I was there with all my heart this time I shifted out and the people that was truly for me came in at the right time...


I met my now boyfriend and he literally was an anchor for me he saw something everyone else saw but I didn’t see for myself he took the time to work through it with showed helped showed me how truly beautiful and deserving I am of this great reward from encouraging words and empowering motivation I realized I can make it by the grace of God. My church was has a 40 day Fast and I said God it’s time to get busy because I have an exam and it has my name on it with two letters attached to the end RN. To make my very long testimonial short after 92 questions on August 13, 2018 I am and have been reintroduced as Fanette Delphine Ceus RN. Literally all my notes from the boot camp was on my exam from Neuro to Phrama to Oncology and I am forever grateful for the Rachell team!!! If I can do it with just only focusing on Rachell Allen notes then you can do it too!"

Fanette Ceus, RN

"Hello just want you to know that I got the results of my RN-Nclex last night and I passed it with 168 items in 6 hours, I took it last Monday and my anxiety is still high until now...I took the 10 days review course in San Diego sat May-June.

I just want to thank you and the rest of the coaches from the bottom of my heart,

You guys are Gods given angels from above and you are the best❤️❤️❤️"

Mary Jane Toralba, RN

Mary Jane.JPG

It was worth all the sacrifices!!!

Finally, all my hard work has been paid off. First, I want to thank you our Almighty God for all the guidance since I started the NCLEX review. Second, to my husband who is all the way supported with my plans, especially when I started looking for a review center. We went to one of the review center which I knew are in the Philippines, unfortunately, that review center no longer exist. 

Then I found Rachelle Allen for NCLEX. It just so happen it pop-up in my cell phone, and as I read all the testimonies, it got my attention and specially mentioning good for those who graduated long time ago. I have reservation and reluctant since I’m new in the USA. 

Rachelle Allen schedule was only available in Ontario and thinking that it’s far from San Diego. Because of my husband support, he said, go and I’ll provide you a ride back and forth without knowing that the schedule was daily starting 9 am - 6 pm. While there in Ontario, we’ll find any available accommodation. 

I called Rachell Allen to know the NCLEX review details. The following day I was enrolled. Thanks God that while planning for the accommodation, Then there was phone calls from classmates who are willing the same. The four of us made the arrangements and rented together in one room from a hotel. Though crowded in one room, and leaving at the same time in the morning, we have to wake up early and we have to be in the classroom as early as 5:30 am just to be in the front row seats even when class starts at 9 am. 

I graduated from a nursing school in the Philippines 38 years ago, and from that time, no reading or reviewing was done until I started the 35-day booth camp. Because of their talented, smart and inspiring coaches, I’ve learned a lot. But since my memory is no longer that sharp and easily forgetting what was being taught. With the tiring schedule of 10-hour a day, and with pre-test before and post-test after the lectures was not easy. After the 35-day classes, I wasn’t ready of taking the exam. Then I’ve decided taking another 10-day course for three times. 

Before taking the exam, I’ve took the sample tests and answered 900 questions but was too disappointed with the low results. Again, I don’t care about the points but of what I’ve learned and after that I went back to all my notes. Finally, after all those struggles, sacrifices, sweat and tears, I MADE IT!

Again, thank you Rachelle Allen team/coaches. You’ve provided us with excellent review and prepared your students of taking the NCLEX exam. Thank you for all the encouragements because I’m now a REGISTERED NURSE. 

As the coaches said, I believed that AGE doesn’t stop you in achieving your goal. I’m always reminded that nothing will happen if I don’t take action towards my goal.

Daisy Soto, RN

“I am truly and highly grateful for Rachell Allen family for achieving my goals and guiding me in every step through

positive attitude and encouragement. I passed my NCLEX with 75 questions all because of Rachell Allen. 

I study only Rachell Allen notes and master it NO u -world ,NO Kaplan NO Mark Klimek just Rachell Allen! if I can do it you can do it!”

Kalsang Dickey, RN


“This 35-Day Boot Camp experience changed my life on many ways.

I am French, finished my nursing school 14 years ago and began to learn to speak English 3 years ago. So, if i could do it with Rachell Allen, you can do it!


Thank you very much again, I do not know how to thank you enough ...


At my 4 exam coaches, do not change and continue to help a maximum of nurses to achieve their goals."




Thomas Noel, RN

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