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10-Day Rachell Allen's

Success Stories

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"Hi! I’m Kristell Segovia, I graduated in June 2012 my Associate of Nursing in Mexico. I continued studying for my Bachelors’ Degree and finished in 2017.

After 5 years of finishing school, I moved to Texas without a clue on how the process went and how long it was going to take. By the same time, I completed the CNA training and got my license, so thought that I could work as a CNA for the moment.

Well that moment took around 3 years, in between the process of the validation of my Diplomas and grades from Mexico and the English test (that took me months and even years to pass it). Finally 1 day I passed the English test after several tries, of course is not my first language, but I did it.

After passing the English test, I started studying for the BIG MONSTER (NCLEX). At the beginning I was watching some videos and reading books, but a lot of information was needed to cover without an organization…so I felt like I needed something else. I found some information online about Rachell Allen live review for those international nurses, and I decided to attend to 10 day course. 

After I took the course, I was excited and energized to take the test, but my papers were still being processed. So I studied like our coaches told us. One chapter per day and some questions that’s what I did. And the day came when I had to take on the BIG MONSTER with confidence and my mind all positive. I came out exhausted after 265 questions, no clue what my results will be.. So I waited the 3 days and paid to find out my results. And for my bad luck I FAILED. 

But that didn’t stop me, I pushed myself to focus and study harder. For about a month and a half I focused just to study and work.. And I just let the required time that you have to wait until you can schedule you’re next test. And yes!! I took it again.. This time I was anxious and nervous, but with my faith in God. I came out of that room, after 265 questions again… yes again.. But this time something was different. Finally 3 days later I found out that I PASSED!!!!!

So I can tell you, it doesn’t matter where are you coming from, it doesn’t matter how many times you have had to take the English test or NCLEX. You are a NURSE! Don’t ever lose your faith!! And you are limitless. God’s timing is always perfect!"




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