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10-Day Rachell Allen's

Success Stories

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"When all efforts and resources failed in the process of me passing the NCLEX exam, then came the right and perfect NCLEX review OUT THERE; RACHELL ALLEN. I have been taking the exams multiple times (about 7 tries before Rachell Allen). Mostly either the exam cuts off on me at 75, or goes beyond 75 but will run out of time before the entire 265 questions. It was after my last unsuccessful attempt that my DEAR uncle found out about Rachell Allen NCLEX review. We spoked about it and he quickly paid and enrolled me in the earliest class which was in Seattle; and the rest has been a testimony.


I remember on the first day of class, one of Rachell Allen's staff was saying it wasn’t an accident that we met as a class, but we were all meant to be there at that moment in our nursing career. And I understood him more after the reviews, because I haven’t been the same since the class. We were taught to trust our coaches, have positive attitude and ALWAYS R.E.F.O.C.U.S I quite remember telling them during one of our class sessions that I have received my ATT, and was equipped on picking up my testing date, but they both said “Pius wait until after the 10 days review and the post test to see how ready you will be.


Which I humbly did and the rest has been success. After the class, I reviewed the notes, took the post-test exams, and did more questions on UWORLD before taking the NCLEX exam. On my exam day I wrote the R. E. F. O. C. U. S on my board and referred to it anytime


I felt unease. Anyways, on this time my exam STOPPED at 75. Praise GOD and big thanks to the entire Rachell Allen team for I PASSED this time."




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