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10-Day Rachell Allen's

Success Stories

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"Hello! This is Sescily Conn. I would like to thank the whole Rachell Allen team for their positive energy. At first I questioned is this real? Can this program really help? Are these people really passing? Are these even real people from the Rachell Allen class? So I would listen when they said to trust. It took a few days for me to warm up to everyone. When our coach said we need to believe in ourselves and pray to our God because everyone has a different belief I knew I was in the right place. Because he acknowledged everyone, and they didn't just notice the physical. That we have to physically take this exam they noticed that spiritually we have to be connected as well. That's when I realized I can do this I am in the right place I will pass this exam.

I heard all these stories about people not passing the NCLEX exam I didn't want to have to tell that story. A friend told me about the class I had just received my number to take the NCLEX exam. I took the exam on my brothers birthday September 12, 2017 I got all the questions 205 to be exact. I got a lot of SATA and a lot of priority questions. I got excited when the computer cut off at 100 and something but that was only for my break. That was the shortest break I have ever experienced , I see why they say energize yourself. They only give enough time to use the bathroom the second break I didn't even bother. I heard my coaches' voice saying refocus and so I did. I got the letter in the mail that I passed September 21 2017 on my dad’s birthday. Once again thank you Rachell Allen team from the heart!  ❤️ "




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