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25-Day Rachell Allen's

Success Stories

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"I loved that in the Rachell Allen program, all the coaches were able to pour us knowledge (all the important knowledge!), and also they made us all positive people which is important in every day life. It was a fun experience and at the same time we were able to learn a lot of things regarding NCLEX. They taught us how to attack all the questions that might be asked when the most awaited BIG DAY comes.

The most important lesson this course gave me was improving my self-confidence. Why? Because if I would compare myself from before to now, there’s a really big difference. Before, I am easily distracted and depressed, but now, if I get negative feedback, I’d use it as a positive feedback to make myself a better person.

As what David McGraw said in our daily affirmation, “As a successful person, you know how to deal with rejection, some people will say yes, some people will say no, so what?” For me, rejection is something negative similar to failure or incorrect answers in the exam. Some people are there to pull you down, but what is important is that you believe in yourself. There will still be people who will be there to support you, and God is always there to guide you, to give you strength, knowledge, and wisdom. All of us have our own NCLEX stories, so go ahead and make your own. It’s YOUR turn to inspire other people. ☺"



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