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25-Day Rachell Allen's

Success Stories

#RealStories #RealNurses #RealSuccess


"I came in Rachell Allen just to learn and to pass my NCLEX exam, little did I know that I will be part of this transformational experience. I learned a lot, not only about concepts and strategies but also in life, we learned from each other. I found new friends, sisters, brothers and family. Different stories, different experiences but we considered ourselves one family. I missed them (super nakaka sepanx pala talaga). I’m so blessed and grateful to my RA family and to my batch (Jan03). I can’t put all into words what I do feel, I’m beyond grateful and blessed. Thank you Rachell Allen, you became our medium to achieve our dreams and believe it or not you transformed and inspired each one of us. It’s true, we don’t meet people by accident they’re meant to cross our paths for a reason and they help us to appreciate the journey more. Maybe sometimes your plan will not go as you want them to be, my plan is to pass NCLEX exam last year since I got my eligibility around May 2017 but circumstances came. I got pregnant, it was unexpected but I’m beyond grateful for the blessing. I set aside my firsthand plan since I want to focus on my baby. And i told my husband that, I will just do it this year. Truly, God will not give you what you want, He gives you want you need. And it turns out that, my primary motivation and inspiration is my baby (and of course my family). She gives me the energy and strength for every day. I stopped at 75; and now I know that If I didn’t have that inspiration and happiness I will not achieve what I achieve today. Indeed, “You may not see it yet, but God has the right pieces to make the puzzle of your life fit together”. Thank you so much Rachell Allen."




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