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25-Day Rachell Allen's

Success Stories

#RealStories #RealNurses #RealSuccess


"What I loved most about Rachell Allen is that they provide comprehensive review guide for an organized study time frame, packed with much needed information and the coaches deliver in a fun and lively way that make it easy for us to understand.

"The thoughts I think, the words I speak, and the actions I take, determine my success. My brain is able to change negative thoughts into positive thoughts. I know if I focus on my goal, I can achieve."

If there's one thing I'd advise to someone who's struggling to pass the NCLEX, I would tell them to think positively and that you can do it! You need to try new things, go out of your comfort zone and do anything that scares you! You need to overcome your fear and trust God. :)

Honestly, taking up nursing was not my decision but when I enrolled for the course, I learned to love it. I realized that I wanted a fulfilling job in which I am directly giving care and reaching out to people holistically. Maybe this was God's way of giving me my heart's desire as well.

To be a USRN doesn't mean that you need to be intelligent enough to know everything. It is a combination of hardwork, dedication, perseverance, self-confidence, positivity, and of course, a lot of prayers. Do your best and let God do the rest."




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