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25-Day Rachell Allen's

Success Stories

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"It wasn't an easy journey for me and my family. I graduated Nursing School 6 years ago in the Philippines, so it goes without saying that my knowledge about nursing was a bit rusty. This wasn't my first time to take the NCLEX. I failed in my attempt last July 2017 with just 2 months of self-review. I didn't expect the NCLEX to be that challenging. I felt like there were so many topics I needed to learn and tackle that I didn't encounter in my 4 years of nursing school. I felt so down but I knew I had to do something different. That's when I searched online for the best NCLEX review centers. I stumbled upon Rachell Allen but the boot camp in California was a bit expensive. After some discussion, my husband and I decided to take a gamble and fly back to the Philippines (we are currently based in the US) and join the Taft review on August-September 2017. We purchased our plane tickets just a little over a week after my failed attempt and was in Manila just almost 3 weeks after that (together with our 2 kids). My RA experience was packed with almost everything I needed to know to take the NCLEX. The coaches taught us the concepts that were essential in passing the NCLEX, and most importantly on how to REFOCUS everyday. As the days passed, I grew more and more confident about taking the NCLEX. After the RA review, I purchased UWORLD and focused with just the q&a for a month. I took my exam last November, 22, 2017. I stopped at 150 questions and thought I failed yet again. But in just less than a day, my brother sent me a message that my name was already up in the New Mexico Board of Nursing list of Registered Nurses. I was beyond ecstatic!! I finally crushed the NCLEX!! Thank you Rachell Allen!! Thank you to my family, friends and above all, thank you GOD, Mama Mary and Jesus!!"




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