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25-Day Rachell Allen's

Success Stories

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"At Rachell Allen, I had a really memorable experience for the reason that I was not only reoriented to the different disease processes, but I was also able to gain new friends who are all positive people. Thus, helping me get through the difficult times during the review. The course was like a summary of everything, it was made simpler and more understandable for me and that's why I found it really helpful.

The first time I took the UKCBT, I was only self-reviewing, and for that, I had my doubts if I'll make it or not. Especially because I was not familiar with the topics included in the exam. So from the start I was already negative and anxious, which reflected during the actual exam. But now that I've been part of the Rachell Allen review, not only was I able to refamiliarize myself with the different nursing topics, but the coaches and staff also helped me realize how important it is to stay positive at all times. That during failures, the very first thing for me to do is self-realization and to not blame anyone or anything. My experience here also made me realize that no matter how good my scores are during the post tests or comprehensive exams, if I still doubt that I can make it, there's a higher chance that I won't really make it. That's why it's important to trust in your capabilities and to trust in the Lord, and the RA team helped me with that.

As someone who's been in the position of not passing the UKCBT before, the very first thing I'll tell you is to accept your failures, mourn for a while and then don't forget to move forward. Real success starts within you. You believing in yourself and your capabilities. You believing that you can achieve your goal.

I learned that the UKCBT is simply a test, and it will not be a definition of who we are as a person. Failing the exam once is not an indication that I'm a failure, but rather it's a test of my determination and perseverance, on how badly I wanted it, am I close to giving up or not? I've realized that I should not be too hard on myself, that I should stop being such a perfectionist and being a negative person, because it will surely affect my overall output in life. Now I'm determined to keep chasing my dreams - because if other people can do it, then I definitely do it as well. It's all about positivity :)"




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