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“Hello  Rachell Allen Team!!!! We did it!!!! 


I do not think there are  perfect words that can describe all my gratitude, love and admiration for the work you do!!


When I found Rachell Allen, I had already made up my mind that this was my last try! I was just too tired to keep trying, but the coaches have the exact words to motivate you, to help you BELIEVE!!!! To TRUST!!!!  And I am not going to lie, the first day of class, I thought it was  weird. But I didn't let myself be negative, I was open to pretty much everything and anything!!!! As the days passed, things started to change because I started to BELIEVE , which was so hard for me so, I worked on that as much as I did learning my concepts after 9 years of having graduated nursing school. As far as the class itself, the coaches are exceptional as well!!!! They are like human books, but ten thousand times better because they make all the concepts  -ALL!! Easy to understand!!!!


 Thank you so much for everything!! Love you all!!️🤗”

Carmen Verdin

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