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"A change must begin within before you move a mountain.
I passed my NCLEX the first time and stopped at 85 questions.

My journey in nursing was very colorful. I'm not an achiever, never good. I am a retaker of our local boards in Philippines. I even lost track of the field of nursing for almost a decade and thinking of beating the Nclex was way too negative for me. I even thought about taking Nclex for 5 takes before I can surely pass but I changed my ways and hold on to the thought of "the fact that we are still breathing and can still see the morning sunrise is a reminder that we are still given a chance to change something in our lives, there is no such thing as too late, so don't waste it", and those words are from a person who see himself as a failure, and that is me.

During my 25 day review course with Rachell Allen I always get below half of post test scores. I did get a choco coin once and that's the last one, but I'm fulfilled. I'm too envious with my classmates who kept getting good scores and thinking "do I need to be that good to be a passer? They're too damn good!". A lot of stressors going on with my life outside review. I used my travel time (1-1/2hr) going home in a bus scanning my notes and when I got home almost late, wishing there's still a lot of time for me to master the lecture for that day. I even sacrificed the "day #2 " of psych as I need that day for my impacted wisdom tooth extraction.

Rachell Allen helped me a lot to prepare for the NCLEX by refreshing all nursing concepts and all of the topics, including the complicated ones were made very simple to understand. Everyday pre and post tests also stretched my endurance for the exam. I couldn't have made it without the strong foundation that Rachell Allen gave us.

If you're struggling to pass the NCLEX, I would tell you to forget what upsets you esepecially the scores. It does not matter if your scores are so low or high, it's just a remidner that you mastered something or you need to learn something.

Whatever materials you have, they are just there to prepare you but will not judge you if you will make it or not. Only the actual exam will judge you.

At Rachel Allen, there is this priceless program that they will breed you not only to prepare you for the exams but to breed you to move a mountain and that is to be positive in all ways. 

For me, they are all God sent as they touched our lives.
Remember that: "if the battle is won by training, then training should be harder than the battle".

Seeing myself as a failure from the past made me create a saying that "the fact that we are still breathing and can see the morning sunrise is a reminder that we are still given a chance to change something in our lives, so don't waste it." REFOCUS. Why they put the R first (Remind yourself to be positive) because if you can't be positive, you can't do the rest.

Hope is the enemy of hardwork, because if the battle is won through training, then training should be harder than the battle. So claim it, you'e already worked so hard. Just believe!"





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