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"Rachell Allen you are a God Sent!


I have taken NCLEX 5 times for RN license; after failing at 75 questions on my 4th attempt - I gave up all hope and I stop studying for 7 months.


I have tried almost every review out there that I can possibly think of. None of them worked for me. Every time I took NCLEX even with all the reviews I have tried I always felt like I was guessing my answers on NCLEX. Each time I took NCLEX I gave it my all I really studied. I couldn't understand why even though I studied so hard I always felt like I was guessing my answers on the test.


My 4th attempt when I failed at 75 questions I told myself I was changing my major to surgical tech - until one day I saw a testimony from a girl on uworld about the Rachell Allen 35-day bootcamp. I was very hesitant to go because I have an 8 month old that was still being breast-fed at the time and a 2 year old.


After Contacting Rachell Allen and speaking to one of the coaches about how many times I have failed, I made the decision to go. I cried for a week every day because I was leaving my kids. But I convince myself everyday that I was doing this for them. I truly felt in my heart it was my only hope and way left to pass NCLEX and that if I pass it would be the best gift I could give to my family and kids.


The first day I sat in class I knew without a doubt that God had brought me there. All the coaches when they teach they teach from the heart and you can see and feel that they really want you to pass. They really cared that you make it - even stay late after the class suppose to end just to make sure the class understand everything. I did everything my coaches told me to do in order to pass NCLEX.


I mastered my concepts and 2 weeks before my exam I did 200 questions a day and finish the whole Lacharity book. I only used what my coaches recommended. My friend made me borrow her Uworld and I used it 2 days before my test to look at the pictures and exhibits. I Have the worst test taking anxiety in the world. I did not only learned concepts at Rachell Allen - every day we did an exercise in class to manage our test anxiety..


On the day of my NCLEX, my 5th attempt, I sat at my computer. As the fear start to creep in my mind I knocked it out right away. At Rachell Allen they taught us "fear is just a thought and thought can easily be changed." I sat at my computer and that's what I said to myself. This was the first time I ever took my test with no test anxiety.


My heart did not feel like it was going to pop out of my chest- because Rachell Allen prepared me so well. On the day of the test I convinced myself I was going to pass. As my questions began to come I realized that all the answers was from the the Rachell Allen notes. I became even more relaxed. This was the first time I saw with my own eyes the answers pop out at me and all I had to do was verify. I WAS NOT GUESSING.


Even when I had SATA, every single topic was from my Rachell Allen notes. When I had SATA I was so happy I was like keep coming because I recogonize you. This topic was was in my notes. I seriously said that to myself. Because it was it was. . I WANT TO THANK ALL THE RACHELL ALLEN COACHES. I passed my NCLEX 4 days before my daughters birthday. This is the best gift I can give to my kids and my family. I am so happy its all because of Rachell Allen.

Enrolling in the bootcamp was the best decision I could have made. I would have been stuck in the same position. I want to encourage someone out there especially young moms with kids. If I can do it with the right program you can too.



Sasha Pottinger

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