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Webinar and Online Learning Access: Terms and Conditions


General Guidelines:

1. Intellectual Property


Unless otherwise indicated, Rachell Allen Review Services (hereinafter referred to as Rachell Allen), owns the copyright for the content presented in the webinar. Webinar events are to be viewed by the registrant ONLY; the content must under no circumstances be recorded or reproduced.


All of the learning materials that will be sent to you are the intellectual property of Rachell Allen. The content must not be modified or republished in any way at any time.


Any breach of copyright, including recording the presentation or any unauthorized use or distribution of the material in part or in whole will lead to legal action.


2. Electronic Communications


When you visit the Rachell Allen Online Platform or send e-mails to us, you are communicating with us electronically. Therefore, you consent to receiving communications from us electronically as well. We will communicate with you by e-mail or by posting notices on the website/learning portal regarding matters related to the course. However, any legal complaints will not be entertained electronically, but must be done thru a written hard copy and sent thru mail.


3. Confidentiality of User Communications


Rachell Allen will maintain strict confidentiality of all user-related information, which contain personal user information and those which are transmitted directly to Rachell Allen. However, postings done by you within the portal or the webinar, within the access period of the portal and online course, such as the message board (portal) or chat box (webinar), will not be considered as confidential, and Rachell Allen may use and disclose the information contained in such postings (including any ideas, concepts, know-how, or other intellectual property) for any purpose deemed appropriate by Rachell Allen.


4. Data Privacy


Rachell Allen is committed to protect the information of our clients. Together with our learning service provider, we are currently implementing strict measures in terms of data privacy, web, and cloud security. Rest assured that your information will be properly handled and protected.


5. Security Measures


By attending the RACHELL ALLEN ONLINE COURSES, you are agreeing to the following security measures (both in the Live Webinar & Online Portal):


- During the webinar/lectures, students are required to turn on their videos/webcam for strict monitoring of activities during the lectures. If you are not onscreen for more than 15 minutes, you will be removed from the webinar.

- During the webinar/lectures, students are required to wear headphones or earphones. You may take it off for a maximum of 15 minutes only but you have to put them back on afterwards.

- Copy-paste features are disabled.

- Download and Print features (modules and tests) are disabled on the learning portal.

- Print screen feature on desktop or laptop will be deactivated.

- Strong password recommendations will be enforced.

- Log activities of students will be strictly monitored.

- All activities, courses, and exams include an expiration timestamp.

- There will be no extensions for any learning activity, tests, or exams given on the learning portal.

- Photo verification feature will be activated before taking a module or test - Each learner is required to have their photo taken before the start of the module or test for identity verification.

- After a series of failed logins, your account will be LOCKED.

- Multiple log-ins from the same user is NOT ALLOWED. One device per user only.

- Change of password by the user on a specific period of time is allowed.

- Your location while accessing or undergoing our programs (whether webinar or portal) will be MONITORED.


6. Connectivity


Rachell Allen is NOT LIABLE for any internet-related interruptions that may occur during the webinar session. A technical support team will be available at all times during the webinar/lectures for any technical issues that may arise. They will be closely monitoring ALL ATTENDEES with regard to attendance, behavior and compliance with the rules and participation during the lectures/webinar.


The Cisco Webex app will be used for the webinar session. Each student is responsible for downloading the app on his or her gadget (desktop pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone).


7. Registration


By registering for the webinar, consent is given for application details to be provided to Rachell Allen for monitoring and verification purposes. Your personal data will not be used for any marketing-related activities.


8. Online Learning Materials


Rachell Allen will provide lecture handouts downloadable in PDF format to facilitate a smooth learning experience. You are responsible for printing these out whether at home or through a printing service provider. All webinar-related materials remain a copyright of Rachell Allen Review Services.



BEFORE the session:

1. The Cisco Webex app will be used for the entire web-based session. Make sure that you have already downloaded the app before the start of the session. You do not need to create a Cisco Webex account.


2. The Rachell Allen Team will send an email a day ahead containing the link to the topic that will be discussed the following day. Please check your email on a daily basis. Simply follow the instruction provided in the said email. The webinar code and password will be provided.


3. DO NOT SHARE THE ACCESS LINK. Anyone caught doing so will automatically be removed and blocked from the online learning portal and the webinar. This is to remind you that Rachell Allen Professionals, Inc., owns the copyright for the content presented and materials used in the webinar. Webinar events are to be viewed by the registered student ONLY; the content must under no circumstances be recorded or reproduced. Your family members or friends cannot attend the class with you, they also have to pay if they want to attend.


4. Make sure you have a strong internet connection. Rachell Allen will not be responsible for any interruption or disconnection caused by poor internet connectivity on your end.


5. Check if your headphones/earphones/headset/airpods are working and are compatible with your device. Incompatible devices or those that failed to work during class hours is not an acceptable excuse.


6. Check if your webcam/camera is working. You are required to show your face onscreen during the class.


DURING the session:

1. The video button of each student will be enabled as each student is required to turn on their videos at all times while lectures are ongoing.


2. The audio button will be controlled by the exam coach or the technical team. Student can speak during the session ONLY when the coach allows.


3. Your Technical Team will check your attendance before the start of the activity.


4. No questions will be entertained DURING the lecture session to avoid distracting the coach and students, but you may do so after.


5. You are expected to give your 100% ATTENTION during the activity. Therefore, you are not allowed to open your books or other test-related resources while the session is ongoing.


6. The session will start on time. Students who will log in late will not be allowed to participate.


7. The recording of the session is not allowed. Anyone doing this will automatically be removed and blocked from the webinar/lecturer and the online learning portal.


8. Students attending the online courses are not allowed to use their gadgets during lectures as this is a major cause of distraction. Anyone caught doing so will be notified by the Technical Team or the Coach, will be given a warning and should the student persist to do so despite warnings will be removed or blocked from the webinar and online learning portal.


9. There will be designated break periods during the lectures. Morning sessions do not have a break. Lunch break is 30 minutes, while afternoon bladder break will be 15 minutes. Lectures will resume on time.


AFTER the session:

1. Complete the activities that your coach will instruct you to do in the Rachell Allen learning portal.


2. If you still have clarifications or concerns, simply click the message button on your portal for you to be able to communicate with your exam coach.



1. For any concerns on the content presented on the webinar class or learning portal, you may communicate to your exam coach by clicking the message button in your portal homepage.


2. Please expect a response from your coach within 24-48 business hours.


3. Your Coach will only respond to questions that are related to the topics that were tackled on the webinar and your learning modules.


Should you have any concerns or clarification, please let us know. You may call us at 09175566470 / 09176716924 (Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM Manila Time).


I agree to all the terms and conditions indicated above and will follow all the guidelines of the Rachell Allen course.

Terms and Conditions
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