Experience the Rachell Allen difference.

RACHELL ALLEN'S easy-to-follow guide will help you pass the NCLEX without months of ineffective study methods.


Designed by an expert team of Rachell Allen Professionals, the Rachell Allen NCLEX Live In-Class Review Courses are modified from the current NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN Test Plans.

During the 10-Day Live classes, we only focus on the MOST ESSENTIAL nursing concepts frequently asked in the actual NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN exam. Rachell Allen is definitely your ultimate guide to passing the NCLEX! Here's why:

Comprehensive Core Content

ANSWER the most dreaded Select-All-That-Apply or SATA questions confidently, We have put emphasis on the most critical nursing concepts you need to know!

Critical Thinking

ENHANCE your critical thinking skills through our systematic and well organized approach to help you answer high level analysis-type questions such as Prioritization and Delegation.

Strategic and Updated Resources

PRACTICE 1,000 Plus+ highest-quality updated questions strategically structured to help you avoid totally irrelevant questions available just anywhere. 

Predictive Assessment

MASTER your areas of weaknesses thru our individualized Assessment Test System that generates scientific analysis of your strengths and weaknesses.

Holistic Learning

FOCUS on your goal. We provide a very positive and supportive environment designed to empower you and help you build your CONFIDENCE - you'll need a lot of this!

The 35-Day NCLEX Boot Camp includes

everything you need to pass the NCLEX!

Critical Thinking

ENHANCE your critical thinking skills with our systematic and well organized drills. NCLEX wants you to think and apply, NOT just to remember and memorize!

350-Hour Comprehensive Content

Complete Review of Core Content focused on the most important concepts in the actual NCLEX. All subjects will be covered with emphasis on the latest NCLEX trends

Free Online Step-by-step Refresher Modules

BUILD your knowledge without getting overwhelmed by using our easy to follow Refreshers Modules designed to help you prepare you for the 35-Day Boot Camp!

Organized Support System

GET MOTIVATED and get back on track.

We provide a very positive environment to empower you and help you build your CONFIDENCE. Let's do it the easy and fun way!

DISCOVER never-been-heard techniques and strategies to answer Select-All-That-Apply and Prioritization questions confidently! You don't need to make wild guesses anymore!

Techniques and Strategies
FREE Practice Questions and Updated Materials

PRACTICE 2,000 Plus highest quality updated questions strategically structured to help you improve your analysis and application skills.

Free Diagnostic and Predictor Exam Tests

KNOW when you are ready to pass the NCLEX! Identify your areas of strenghts and weaknesses and learn where to focus more on concepts that needs improvement.

FREE 10-Day Course and Online Access

LOG-IN to access the Rachell Allen Online Modules, Q-Bank and more study tools even after the 35-Day Boot Camp! You also get to avail one (1) 10-DAY Live Course for FREE!

Classes are held Sunday to Friday, 9AM to 7PM

All review materials are regularly updated and will be provided for FREE. Registrations are on a First Come, First Served basis. Log-in details will be emailed to you upon successful registration.


(DOWN PAYMENT of $800, then balance will be paid on the first day of the class)


November 12 - December 21, 2018

Ontario Airport Hotel, Ontario, California

The 10-Day LIVE NCLEX Course includes

10-Day In-Class, 80-Hour , 9AM to 6PM

Core Content, Test Taking Strategies and Practice Questions

Emphasis on SATA, Prioritization and Pharmacology Questions

FREE Online Refreshers Modules to be completed before the 10-Day Live Course

FREE Online Post Live Course Modules to be completed after 10-Day Live Course

FREE Online Predictor Test to assess your overall readiness after 10-Day Live Course


(Down payment of $200, then balance will be paid on the first day of the class)

*PAY in FULL and you get $20 OFF

IMPORTANT: Classes are held Monday to Friday, 9AM to 6PM. In some cities, there will be classes on a Sunday. All review materials are regularly updated and will be provided for FREE. Early registration is highly recommended as classes fill very quickly . Registrations are on a First Come, First Serve basis. Please print receipt and present it on the first day of the class along with a valid ID.

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"Hi! I'm Kristell Segovia, I graduated in June 2012 my Associate of Nursing in Mexico. I continued studying for my Bachelors' Degree and finished in 2017."

Kristell Segovia



"My Experience with Rachell Allen was excellent. They do a very good job in establishing a positive environment. The teaching style accelerates the learning. The study materials are comprehensive."

Lucia Delgado



"I am overwhelmed with emotions right now. I am officially a registered nurse after two failed NCLEX attempts. My heart is full and I am forever grateful to have met the Rachell Allen team."

Melissa Herrera



"Hello! This is Sescily Conn. I would like to thank the whole. At first I questioned is this real? Can this program really help? Are these people really passing? Are these even real people from the Rachell Allen class? So I would listen when they said to trust."

Sescily Conn



"When all the efforts and resources failed in the process of me passing the NCLEX exam, then came the right and perfect NCLEX review OUT THERE; RACHELL ALLEN. I have been taking the exams multiple times (about 7 tries before Rachell Allen)."

Pius Kuffour



Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Rachell Allen Live NCLEX Review Courses so successful?

The Rachell Allen NCLEX Live Review Classes use non-conventional approach to helping both US-educated graduates as well as foreign educated nurses. Our proven techniques developed by the Rachell Allen Professionals focus on the following: √ Core Content commonly asked in the actual exam
√ Critical Thinking Skills Enhancement
√ Updated Materials based on the current Test Plan
√ Individualized Assessment of your Strengths and Weaknesses
√ Predictive Results System to assess your readiness
√ Holistic Learning to provide a positive and encouraging environment

How does Rachell Allen keep track with the latest changes in the NCLEX exam?

Rachell Allen Professionals maintains a highly competent team of Nursing Educators and Academic Researchers dedicated to ensuring the quality and integrity of our NCLEX review courses. All our student materials are carefully evaluated and updated on a regular basis to reflect any changes made available by the NCSBN.

What is the difference between the 35-Day NCLEX Boot Camp and the 10-Day Live Course?

There is a huge difference between these 2 courses. The 10-Day Live Course is a regular course designed for students who recently graduated from nursing school. It is ideal for students who are taking the NCLEX, for the first time. On the other hand, the 35-Day Boot Camp is designed for students who graduated internationally, for students who have failed the NCLEX multiple times and for students who graduated from nursing school several years ago. The 10-Day Course runs for 10 days, 80 hours, compared to the 35-Day Course which runs 35 days, a total of 350 Hours, that means there is a difference of 270 Hours. Not only that, the 35-Day Boot Camp comes with an “UNLIMITED” 10-Day Live Course for free anywhere in the United States. That means that you can attend additional 10-Day Live Course after completing the 35-Day Boot Camp. So if 35 Days is not enough, we will provide you additional 10-Day Live Course for free. If 45-Days is not enough, then we will give you another 10-Day Live Course and so on. We will not stop helping you until you are ready to pass the Test. Lastly, the 35-Day NCLEX Boot Camp is a GUARANTEED course. That means you can attend any 10-Day Live Course until you pass the Test. We will also give you unlimited access to our Online Question Bank after the Boot Camp. Again, we will not stop helping you until you pass the Test.

How comprehensive is the Rachell Allen NCLEX LIVE Review Course?

All the major topics as outlined in the latest NCSBN Test Plan will be strategically covered. The NCSBN is the organization that administers the NCLEX exam.

What is the Rachell Allen guarantee program?

Rachell Allen Professionals has developed a unique Predictive Results System that is based on a scientific method. It is designed to individually assess the competency and the readiness of each student to sit for the NCLEX exam.

The Review Course is guaranteed to provide you with exam strategies, updated resources, comprehensive coverage and simplified nursing concepts. If you follow our step by step guide, attend your review classes religiously, study and pass our Predictive Results System, you’ll have an excellent chance of passing.

How long is the Rachell Allen NCLEX LIVE review course?

The 10-Day Live NCLEX Intensive Review Courses are available in several locations across the Canada. Total of 80 Hours Live Contact.

Who are the Rachell Allen presenters?

Rachell Allen Professionals maintains a pool of highly qualified NCLEX Exam Coaches. We implement a 5-STEP screening process to ensure that only the finest Exam Coaches handle the classes. Rachell Allen has a strict Evaluation System that is conducted on a regular basis to ensure the QUALITY of the program.

Why does Rachell Allen call lecturers, exam coaches?

We do not consider our Exam Coaches as mere lecturers, reviewers or usual teachers. Our pool of Academic Coaches is the finest in the industry. We do not just teach, review, lecture or merely read nursing concepts from PowerPoint slides. They are expert and are all well experienced to coach, motivate, guide and strategically equip students with necessary critical thinking skills. More importantly, they are committed to inspire our students to be the best that they can be. That is the Rachell Allen Difference.

Are the Rachell Allen Live review courses effective for students who have failed the NCLEX multiple times?

We have had excellent success with students who have failed the NCLEX multiple times. Most of these students have previously worked on other test prep courses. Rachell Allen’s unique Individualized Assessment Program helps each student to identify and enhance his/her areas of weaknesses.

Does Rachell Allen process eligibility or ATT (Authority to test)

NO. Rachell Allen Professionals specializes in offering Excellent Review Courses and we are only focused on maintaining the quality of our services and products. For more information obtaining eligibility, please contact your Board of Nursing.

What is Rachell Allen's NCLEX success rate?

Rachell Allen Professionals takes pride in having a very high passing rate. Although you’ll love to hear a 100% passing rate, there is no perfect rate as such! 90% to 95% of our students who passed our Predictive Test (78%) at the end of the live review classes have successfully passed their respective exams. Those who do not pass our Predictive Tests will be given remediation tools that focus on their areas of weaknesses.

How often does Rachell Allen conduct Live Review Courses? What is the usual schedule?

We have regular monthly schedules in different key locations within and outside of the United States. We conduct live review courses 9:00AM to 6:00PM for the 10-Day Live Course.

Where can I avail of the Rachell Allen LIVE NCLEX review courses?

Rachell Allen offers Live NCLEX Review Courses in the following key locations:

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Los Angeles, California
  • New York - New Jersey, Washington
  • Ontario, California
  • Sacramento, California
  • San Diego, California
  • San Francisco, California

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