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Rachell Allen is a trusted leader in the Test Prep industry for Nursing Licensure Exams and English Proficiency Tests. Through years of experience, research, and program development, Rachell Allen has produced thousands of passers worldwide. Its most recommended review courses have helped students globally to achieve their dreams of working abroad as professionals. The Rachell Allen experience has been proven to change lives for the better.

Rachell Allen live courses are currently conducted in the USA and Philippines, as well as online courses available for students worldwide.


ADVISORY: Please take note that some schedules may have changed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. We update  the schedules on this website regularly for your guidance.


Where do you intend to take the course?

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  • Are you an international student or a US-educated nurse struggling to pass the NCLEX?

  • Have you failed the NCLEX multiple times?

  • Have you graduated from nursing school several years ago?

  • Are you having a hard time studying 5-10 hours a day?


THERE IS HOPE! Join the Rachell Allen 35-Day NCLEX Boot Camp specifically designed for you!

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JOSEPH was a US-educated graduate but was struggling to pass the NCLEX-RN. He found out about Rachell Allen from a co-worker and decided to drive all the way from Arizona to California to attend the Rachell Allen 35-Day Boot Camp.


As expected, he stopped on the 75th question. He is now a registered nurse in the state of Arizona.

Joseph Griffin, RN

Experience the Rachell Allen difference.

RACHELL ALLEN'S easy-to-follow guide will help you pass the NCLEX without having to go through months of ineffective and confusing study methods.

During the live Rachell Allen courses, we only focus on the MOST ESSENTIAL nursing concepts frequently asked in the actual NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN exam. Rachell Allen is definitely your ultimate guide to passing the NCLEX! Here's why:

Comprehensive Core Content


ANSWER the most dreaded Select-All-That-Apply (SATA) questions confidently. We put emphasis on the most critical nursing concepts you need to know!

Strategic and Updated Resources


PRACTICE with the highest-quality updated questions strategically structured to help you answer NCLEX questions with confidence.


ENHANCE your critical thinking skills through our systematic and well organized approach to help you answer high level analysis-type questions such as Prioritization and Delegation.

Critical Thinking

Well Trusted Support System


GET MOTIVATED and get back on track. We provide a very positive environment to empower you and help you build your CONFIDENCE. Let's do it the easy and fun way!


Holistic Learning

We make sure you're ready to take on the challenge that is NCLEX by preparing you physically, mentally, and emotionally!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the Rachell Allen Courses?

For courses in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and the Middle East, the only way to register is online. The official registration site is For courses in Asia and Africa, you may register online, via corporate partners or you may visit one of our regional offices. Simply present your online receipt on the first day of the course along with your valid Photo ID.

What makes the Rachell Allen courses effective?

The Rachell Allen courses are effective because they are comprehensive, complete and updated monthly. That means we provide comprehensive core content, test-taking techniques and practice questions as well.

Do I need to purchase the Rachell Allen materials separately?

Once you are registered for the course, all review materials will be provided for free.
You will receive the Pre-Live Course modules via email prior to attending the course.
Lecture handouts will be given per topic during the live course.
Post-Live Course modules and practice exams will be provided to you after attending the course.

I am overwhelmed with a lot of information that I need to study. How can I study everything?

NCLEX will not ask you everything under the sun. Therefore, you do not need to study everything. NCLEX uses a Test Plan and the good news is that Rachell Allen strictly follows the NCLEX Test Plan. We only focus on what is important and what is commonly being asked in the actual NCLEX.

Are Rachell Allen courses only designed for US-educated nurses?

NO, all Rachell Allen courses are carefully designed for both US-educated nurses and Foreign-educated nurses.

Are Rachell Allen courses only recommended for first time test-takers?

NO, all Rachell Allen courses are designed to meet the specific needs of both first time test-takers and multiple test-takers. We have had students who failed, 3x, 5x, 10x, 15x and the most that we have personally worked with was a foreign-educated nurse who failed 20x prior to taking the course. She passed her NCLEX-RN test on her 21st attempt.

Are Rachell Allen courses only for newly-graduate nurses?

NO, all Rachell Allen courses are designed for newly-graduate nurses and nurses who have graduated from nursing school several years ago. In fact, we have had students who graduated 10 years ago, 15 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago and based on our record, we have had a student who graduated 36 long years ago and still passed the NCLEX-RN after taking the Rachell Allen course.

Do I need to make a phone call to confirm my registration?

NO, you do not need to make a phone call to confirm your registration. Your online receipt will serve as the Official Confirmation that you have registered for the course.

I live far away from all the available Rachell Allen Courses, can I just purchase the materials?

All Rachell Allen materials are designed to compliment a live interactive approach. Rachell Allen employs "Kinesthetic Learning Technique" wherein all physical and mental senses are used to carry out activities, rather than just mere reading or listening. When all senses are activated, the brain is more stimulated thereby enhancing student's focus and increasing their ability to retain information.

I have been reading a lot of positive reviews about the Rachell Allen courses. Are these real reviews?

YES. Rachell Allen Professionals only publishes testimonials received from actual students who have actually passed their respective exams using the Rachell Allen method. To interact with real students who have actually experienced the Rachell Allen courses, please join our Official Forum on Facebook: RACHELL ALLEN NCLEX FORUM

I need a course longer than 10-Days. Can you provide details of the 35-Day NCLEX Boot Camp?

To check complete details of the 35-Day NCLEX Boot Camp, please click this link:

I am overwhelmed and confused with all the NCLEX and CGFNS Application process. How can you help me?

Rachell Allen only recommends ApplyReady NCLEX Processing Center. ApplyReady will take care of your application process from A-Z, hassle-free! To start applying for the NCLEX, UK-CBT or HAAD, go to

How can Rachell Allen help me pass my NCLEX?

Most students fail the NCLEX because of these main reasons: 1. Lack of Core Content Mastery 2. Poor Test-Taking Techniques 3. Lack of Critical Thinking Skills 4. Lack of Focus and Motivation 5. Overwhelmed with Information 6. Lack of Self-Confidence 7. Extreme Test-Anxiety 8. Poor Time Management All Rachell Allen review courses address all of the above issues. In addition, you won’t be overwhelmed and confused with so many books anymore because we have already summarized every drug and every concept that is commonly asked in the recent NCLEX into 1 single material. YES, you heard it right, you will only need to study one (1) compiled, summarized and easy to follow Rachell Allen materials, explained in a simple, interactive way, in-person by expert Rachell Allen NCLEX coaches!

Are there nursing career opportunities in the USA, UK, Canada and the Middle East?

YES! The opportunities for nurses in these countries are endless!

The United States alone needs 1.1 Million nurses in 2022 as projected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In the United Kingdom, a total of 133,660 vacant posts for nurses and midwives were advertised in 2017 which is expected to increase in the years to come.

The Middle East has growing needs for medical personnel with a projected need of almost 22,000 nurses over the next decade for the United Arab Emirates alone.

You cannot work as an RN in any of these countries without first passing the NCLEX, UK-CBT or the Middle East RN Licensure Examination.

How much is the Rachell Allen course?

The fees depend on where you are going to attend the course. You may attend the online courses even if you're in another country.
10-day Online Webinar Course - $580
35-day NCLEX Bootcamp - $2800 ASIA:
10-day Online Webinar Course - PHP30,000
25-day NCLEX Course - PHP35,000
Final Coaching Program - PHP25,000




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