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Rachell Allen Professionals provides the most comprehensive review courses for NCLEX-RN/PN for USA and Canada, UK-CBT for the United Kingdom and HAAD, DHA, MOH, Prometric-RN for the Middle East.

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  • Are you an international student or a US-educated nurse struggling to pass the NCLEX?

  • Have you failed the NCLEX multiple times?

  • Have you graduated from Nursing school several years ago?

  • Are you having a hard time studying 5-10 hours a day?


THERE IS HOPE! Join the Rachell Allen 35-Day NCLEX Boot Camp specifically designed for you!

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JOSEPH was a US-educated graduate but was struggling to pass the NCLEX-RN. He found out about Rachell Allen from a co-worker and decided to drive all the way from Arizona to California to attend the Rachell Allen 35-Day Boot Camp.


As expected, he stopped on the 75th question. He is now a registered nurse in the state of Arizona.

Joseph Griffin, RN

Experience the Rachell Allen difference.

RACHELL ALLEN'S easy-to-follow guide will help you pass the NCLEX without months of ineffective study methods.

During the live Rachell Allen courses, we only focus on the MOST ESSENTIAL nursing concepts frequently asked in the actual NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN exam. Rachell Allen is definitely your ultimate guide to passing the NCLEX! Here's why:

Comprehensive Core Content

ANSWER the most dreaded Select-All-That-Apply or SATA questions confidently. We put emphasis on the most critical nursing concepts you need to know!

Strategic and Updated Resources

PRACTICE 1,000 Plus+ highest-quality updated questions strategically structured to help you avoid totally irrelevant questions available just anywhere.

ENHANCE your critical thinking skills through our systematic and well organized approach to help you answer high level analysis-type questions such as Prioritization and Delegation.

Critical Thinking

Well Trusted Support System

GET MOTIVATED and get back on track. We provide a very positive environment to empower you and help you build your CONFIDENCE. Let's do it the easy and fun way!

Holistic Learning

FOCUS on your goal. We provide a very positive and supportive environment designed to empower you and help you build your CONFIDENCE - you'll need a lot of this!



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